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How to File Your Taxes: A Beginner's Guide

Lebanon Express 14 Dec 2020
Who needs to file a tax return?. Not everyone needs to file a tax return ... Each state also has its own tax forms that have to be submitted -- assuming you live in one of the 43 states (plus D.C.) that collect state taxes ... If you have an offshore account or other foreign investments, get help with your taxes.You live or work in multiple states.

The standout mutual funds you should be looking at

The National 18 Nov 2020
Tax position on mutual funds. Many living in the UAE are uncertain about their tax position when investing in mutual funds registered in other parts of the world. With offshore funds, the position is fairly straightforward. There is no income tax on any dividends paid by the fund, and no capital gains tax (CGT) on any growth.

Letter: Edwards lauded for sticking to raises: 'We are our brother's keeper'

The Advocate 11 Jul 2020
The CEOs and other corporate elite continue to live lives of extravagance, sheltering themselves in their gated communities, their businesses protected by tax shelters and their profits safely stored offshore in “shell companies.” At the same ...

Are offshore bonds truly worth an expat’s hard-earned money? Read to find out!

Gulf News 18 Jun 2020
An offshore investment bond is essentially a tax efficient investment wrapper that can hold a variety of assets ... Offshore bonds provide a tax efficient investment option for expats as the bond will not be subject to capital gains tax and income tax deferred. Offshore bonds provide a tax efficient investment option for expats!.

DAP’s plan to turn Malaysia into Cinasia

Malaysia Today 27 Apr 2020
Now he lives in durian-obsessed Malaysia, but it isn’t the fruit that brought him here ... And although the programme promises investment opportunities along with lower costs of living and tax-exempt offshore incomes, many participants, such as housewife Zhang Wei, 40, just want room to breathe. “We used to live in Beijing.

9 candidates set sights on U.S. Congressional District 31 seat

Killeen Daily Herald 16 Feb 2020
Imam (D); People who work for a living create all of America’s wealth and pay all the taxes. Our government is wasting our money by giving subsidies to corporations that then turn around and offshore jobs and stash profits in tax havens ... Additionally, I support cracking down on companies that use offshore tax havens to avoid paying U.S.

Stop Treating American Expats Like Tax Cheats

Yahoo Daily News 26 Nov 2019
(Bloomberg Opinion) -- An estimated 9 million American citizens living outside the U.S. face a tax nightmare those at home can’t imagine and none should ever suffer ... is one of only two countries in the world (the other is Eritrea) that taxes its citizens regardless of where they live ... any tax ... and stashing money in hidden offshore accounts.

HARRY JOFFE: Leaving an inheritance is complicated when heirs live abroad

Business Day 03 Nov 2019
In the Reserve Bank forex manual, the following is written with regard to death benefits and heirs living offshore. ... If your beneficiaries are living offshore, and you want them to benefit from the proceeds of a life policy, you need to check whether they have formally emigrated.

ATO slugs Shell with $755m bill in fight against multinational tax avoidance

The Observer 25 Aug 2019
Hirschhorn said the ATO acted early to squash the efforts of multinationals to send profits reaped from Australia’s oil and gas boom offshore without paying any tax in the country ... that you pay minuscule tax in Australia [and earn most of your profits offshore in a tax haven].
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